Thursday, October 25, 2012

Future – 3 years

In 3 years I see myself as the leader of a rock n’ roll band.  I will write a lot of the songs that we’ll play and I will be the lead guitarist.  I plan on being an extremely skilled guitarist at this time, hoping one day to be discovered.  I hope to start this band and keep it together for many years.  The main priority of a band is the music, and that is my reason for dreaming up the formation of this band today.   My brand will help me network and meet other musicians.

Group Involvement

Last summer I participated in a band that was formed by the same place where I take guitar lessons.  The band was a 6 person band which included: Me on lead guitar and backup vocals, two other guitarists, a keyboard player, a drummer who was on lead vocals and our teacher who played bass and sang backup vocals.  Even though I was still very new to playing lead guitar, I still managed to add that extra spice to the band which caused it to flourish.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Philosophy on Education

I had the privilege of being in a Montessori school for the first part of my life.  This taught me at a young age to love learning, not to be afraid to ask teachers questions and not to think of it as punishment.  The reason why I began to love learning was because: there were no grades in Montessori school, which took away pressure to all the students, you were allowed to work on something as many times as needed in order to get it right and there were really small class rooms.  I think that the first part of my life did benefit from Montessori.  Today I am benefiting much more at my current school which is more traditional.  These two different types of schools have smaller class rooms, a well structured environment and well trained teachers in common.   Sometimes you grow out of certain things in life, but just because you grow out of something doesn't mean it was bad or not valuable.  Small things prepare you for something big.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Memorable Moment and How It Changed Your Life

When I chose the guitar to be my signature instrument, I knew that my destiny was with it. My destiny has matured and accelerated very quickly over the 5 years I have been studding this instrument. I started learning how when I was 11 years old. 5 years have passed from that time and if I hadn't, I wouldn't be as experienced as I am today.  Most likely without the guitar I would not have discovered my love for writing lyrics and hard rock music.  The guitar opened up a new discovery of bands and talents for me.  As I listen to music, I learn to add new sounds and lyrics to the songs I write.  I cant imagine what my life would be like without guitar.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Gibson SG - Personal Artifact

The artifact that I hold very dearly to myself is my guitar. Because playing my guitar is very calming to me. It helps me relax and forget my day. It also helps that I’m very good at guitar too. The guitar gives me a certain escape that makes me feel like a better person. Without the guitar I would most likely be too stressed to be a good person. Each guitar has its own meaning, like a person has its own personality.

This is a picture of my artifact at work. It has a very smooth sound, it has a good color and shape. In my opinion my guitar, the Gibson SG Standard, is one of the best guitars you could possibly have. Angus plays a Gibson SG, Page plays a Gibson SG, and I play a Gibson SG.